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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
410930 15 Inhibition of Lactobacillus casei thymidylate synthetase by 5-substituted 2'-deoxyuridylates. Preliminary quantitative structure-activity relationship.EBI TBA
409842 24 Methotrexate analogues. 9. Synthesis and biological properties of some 8-alkyl-7,8-dihydro analogues.EBI TBA
114660 8 5-Cyano-2'-deoxyuridine 5'-phosphate: a potent competitive inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase.EBI TBA
109616 9 Methotrexate analogues. 12. Synthesis and biological properties of some aza homologues.EBI TBA
423172 1 Phosphonate analogue of 2'-deoxy-5-fluorouridylic acid.EBI TBA
110931 2 Synthesis of 5-selenium-substituted uracil derivatives. Inhibition of thymidylate synthetase by 5-hydroseleno-2'-deoxyuridylate.EBI TBA
106122 3 Enzyme affinity of the 5,6-dihydro derivatives of the substrate and product of thymidylate synthetase catalysis.EBI TBA
24147825 22 2'-Deoxyuridine 5'-monophosphate substrate displacement in thymidylate synthase through 6-hydroxy-2H-naphtho[1,8-bc]furan-2-one derivatives.EBI University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
6772788 8 Folate analogues altered in the C9-N10 bridge region. 16. Synthesis and antifolate activity of 11-thiohomoaminopterin.EBI TBA
15615538 28 Synthesis of classical, three-carbon-bridged 5-substituted furo[2,3-d]pyrimidine and 6-substituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine analogues as antifolates.EBI Duquesne University
16078850 41 Synthesis of classical, four-carbon bridged 5-substituted furo[2,3-d]pyrimidine and 6-substituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine analogues as antifolates.EBI Duquesne University
15214773 76 Fragment-based drug discovery.EBI Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc
8201595 12 Synthesis and antitumor activities of novel 6-5 fused ring heterocycle antifolates: N-[4-[omega-(2-amino-4-substituted-6,7-dihydrocyclopenta [d]pyrimidin-5-yl)alkyl]benzoyl]-L-glutamic acids.EBI Eisai Company, Ltd
3373483 39 Linear free energy relationship studies of enzyme active site binding: thymidylate synthase.EBI University of Kansas
3121855 21 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 8-deazahomofolic acid and its tetrahydro derivative.EBI SRI International
3470522 16 Folate analogues as inhibitors of thymidylate synthase.EBI TBA
3091832 28 Folate analogues. 26. Syntheses and antifolate activity of 10-substituted derivatives of 5,8-dideazafolic acid and of the poly-gamma-glutamyl metabolites of N10-propargyl-5,8-dideazafolic acid (PDDF).EBI TBA
3100797 21 Folate analogues. 25. Synthesis and biological evaluation of N10-propargylfolic acid and its reduced derivatives.EBI TBA
3027327 3 Spin probes as mechanistic inhibitors and active site probes of thymidylate synthetase.EBI TBA
2423690 15 Syntheses and antifolate activity of 5-methyl-5-deaza analogues of aminopterin, methotrexate, folic acid, and N10-methylfolic acid.EBI TBA
4009615 10 Synthesis of the antileukemic agents 5,10-dideazaaminopterin and 5,10-dideaza-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroaminopterin.EBI TBA
7108907 11 10-Propargylaminopterin and alkyl homologues of methotrexate as inhibitors of folate metabolism.EBI TBA
21696158 50 Identification of the binding modes of N-phenylphthalimides inhibiting bacterial thymidylate synthase through X-ray crystallography screening.EBI Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
17532099 30 Synthesis of N-(5,7-diamino-3-phenyl-quinoxalin-2-yl)-3,4,5-substituted anilines and N-[4[(5,7-diamino-3-phenylquinoxalin-2-yl)amino]benzoyl]-l-glutamic acid diethyl ester: evaluation of in vitro anti-cancer and anti-folate activities.EBI Università degli Studi di Sassari
15715461 18 Improving specificity vs bacterial thymidylate synthases through N-dansyl modulation of didansyltyrosine.EBI Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
10821704 22 Design and synthesis of Cyclopenta[g]quinazoline-based antifolates as inhibitors of thymidylate synthase and potential antitumor agents(,).EBI The Institute of Cancer Research
10714507 1 Mechanism-based inactivation of thymidylate synthase by 5-(3-fluoropropyn-1-yl)-2'-deoxyuridine 5'-phosphate.EBI State University of New York
8164259 44 Classical and nonclassical furo[2,3-d]pyrimidines as novel antifolates: synthesis and biological activities.EBI Duquesne University
7562910 18 Effect of bridge region variation on antifolate and antitumor activity of classical 5-substituted 2,4-diaminofuro[2,3-d]pyrimidines.EBI Duquesne University
7473577 11 5-Arylthio-substituted 2-amino-4-oxo-6-methylpyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine antifolates as thymidylate synthase inhibitors and antitumor agents.EBI Duquesne University
6796692 1 Interaction of 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridylate with thymidylate synthetase.EBI TBA
6796687 6 Inhibition of thymidylate synthetase by 5-alkynyl-2'-deoxyuridylates.EBI TBA
6434741 2 Interaction of N4-hydroxy-2'-deoxycytidylic acid with thymidylate synthetase.EBI TBA
6408258 4 5-p-benzoquinonyl-2'-deoxyuridine 5'-phosphate: a possible mechanism-based inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase.EBI TBA
3754285 1 Kinetics and mechanism of interaction of 10-propargyl-5,8-dideazafolate with thymidylate synthase.EBI TBA
3656346 1 Inactivation of thymidylate synthase at an alternate high-affinity binding site.EBI University of Kansas
3599032 22 Folate analogues. 30. Synthesis and biological evaluation of N10-propargyl-5,8-dideaza-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofolic acid and related compounds.EBI TBA
3184124 28 Synthesis and antifolate activity of 5-methyl-5,10-dideaza analogues of aminopterin and folic acid and an alternative synthesis of 5,10-dideazatetrahydrofolic acid, a potent inhibitor of glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase.EBI Southern Research Institute
3091834 6 Synthesis and antifolate properties of 5,10-methylenetetrahydro-8,10-dideazaminopterin.EBI TBA
3027341 10 5-Quinone derivatives of 2'-deoxyuridine 5'-phosphate: inhibition and inactivation of thymidylate synthase, antitumor cell, and antiviral studies.EBI TBA
2704030 16 Quinazoline antifolates inhibiting thymidylate synthase: 2-desamino derivatives with enhanced solubility and potency.EBI Institute of Cancer Research
2542557 14 Folate analogues. 32. Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-desamino-2-methyl-N10-propargyl-5,8-dideazafolic acid and related compounds.EBI University of South Alabama
2428979 11 Methotrexate analogues. 29. Effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid spacers between the pteroyl and glutamate moieties on enzyme binding and cell growth inhibition.EBI TBA
2296020 18 Synthesis and antifolate properties of 9-alkyl-10-deazaminopterins.EBI SRI International
1995884 4 Synthesis and biological activity of 5,11-methylenetetrahydro-5- deazahomofolic acid.EBI Duquesne University
1732551 6 Synthesis and antifolate evaluation of the 10-propargyl derivatives of 5-deazafolic acid, 5-deazaaminopterin, and 5-methyl-5-deazaaminopterin.EBI Southern Research Institute
1433179 13 5,10-Methylenetetrahydro-5-deazafolic acid and analogues: synthesis and biological activities.EBI Duquesne University
25453512 3 Design, synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular docking of novel benzopyran and phenylpyrazole derivatives as Akt inhibitors.BDB Zhejiang University
22284362 91 Identification of biologically active PDE11-selective inhibitors using a yeast-based high-throughput screen.BDB Boston College