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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
25782742 76 trans-(3S,4S)-Disubstituted pyrrolidines as inhibitors of the human aspartyl protease renin. Part I: prime site exploration using an amino linker.EBI Novartis Pharma AG
25754490 44 trans-3,4-Disubstituted pyrrolidines as inhibitors of the human aspartyl protease renin. Part II: prime site exploration using an oxygen linker.EBI Novartis Pharma AG
25050166 58 Structure-based design of substituted piperidines as a new class of highly efficacious oral direct Renin inhibitors.EBI Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
9632367 10 Auxiliary agents for the peroral administration of peptide and protein drugs: synthesis and evaluation of novel pepstatin analogues.EBI Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
1527792 55 Specific inhibition of HIV-1 protease by boronated porphyrins.EBI University of California
1635057 48 Structure-activity relationships of a series of 2-amino-4-thiazole-containing renin inhibitors.EBI Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research Division of Warner-Lambert Co.
11806706 7 Designing non-peptide peptidomimetics in the 21st century: inhibitors targeting conformational ensembles.EBI University of Wisconsin-Madison
8410992 35 Renin inhibitors containing a pyridyl amino diol derived C-terminus.EBI Hoechst AG
8410973 75 Specificity in the binding of inhibitors to the active site of human/primate aspartic proteinases: analysis of P2-P1-P1'-P2' variation.EBI University of Florida
6767029 14 Synthesis of analogues of the carboxyl protease inhibitor pepstatin. Effects of structure on inhibition of pepsin and renin.EBI TBA
3126296 43 Inhibition of porcine pepsin by two substrate analogues containing statine. The effect of histidine at the P2 subsite on the inhibition of aspartic proteinases.EBI University of Wisconsin
1738148 16 Renin inhibitory pentols showing improved enteral bioavailability.EBI Hoechst AG