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16 articles for thisTarget

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
3290487 113 The hypothetical active site lattice. An approach to modelling active sites from data on inhibitor molecules.EBI Uniroyal Chemical Co., Inc.
26320622 10 Novel bivalent inhibitors with sub-nanomolar affinities towards human glyoxalase I.EBI Chengdu University
24856185 2 Inhibition by active site directed covalent modification of human glyoxalase I.EBI University of Maryland
903914 7 Synthesis and evaluation of alpha-hydroxythiol esters as antitumor agents and glyoxalase I inhibitors.EBI TBA
23122816 18 Design and evaluation of azaindole-substituted N-hydroxypyridones as glyoxalase I inhibitors.EBI Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
8035422 17 S-(N-aryl-N-hydroxycarbamoyl)glutathione derivatives are tight-binding inhibitors of glyoxalase I and slow substrates for glyoxalase II.EBI University of Maryland
21669529 5 Discovery of a new type inhibitor of human glyoxalase I by myricetin-based 4-point pharmacophore.EBI Tokyo University of Science
21689932 7 Structural investigation into the inhibitory mechanisms of indomethacin and its analogues towards human glyoxalase I.EBI Sun Yat-Sen University
21237663 38 Identification of curcumin derivatives as human glyoxalase I inhibitors: A combination of biological evaluation, molecular docking, 3D-QSAR and molecular dynamics simulation studies.EBI Sun Yat-sen University
20801663 4 Delphinidin, a dietary anthocyanidin in berry fruits, inhibits human glyoxalase I.EBI Tokyo University of Science
18258440 6 Structure-activity relationship of human GLO I inhibitory natural flavonoids and their growth inhibitory effects.EBI Tokyo University of Science
15686923 1 Reversal of anticancer drug resistance by COTC based on intracellular glutathione and glyoxalase I.EBI Keio University
11052803 19 Role of hydrophobic interactions in binding S-(N-aryl/alkyl-N-hydroxycarbamoyl)glutathiones to the active site of the antitumor target enzyme glyoxalase I.EBI University of Maryland
10206549 2 Synthesis and activity of gamma-(L-gamma-azaglutamyl)-S-(p-bromobenzyl)-L-cysteinylglycine: a metabolically stable inhibitor of glyoxalase I.EBI University of Minnesota
9871526 8 Syntheses and kinetic evaluation of hydroxamate-based peptide inhibitors of glyoxalase I.EBI University of Waterloo
28244987 10 Capzimin is a potent and specific inhibitor of proteasome isopeptidase Rpn11.BDB California Institute of Technology