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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
27692996 84 Neuroprotective effects of benzyloxy substituted small molecule monoamine oxidase B inhibitors in Parkinson's disease.EBI China Pharmaceutical University
27578245 46 2-Benzylidene-1-indanone derivatives as inhibitors of monoamine oxidase.EBI North-West University
26652247 60 3-(Piperidin-4-ylmethoxy)pyridine Containing Compounds Are Potent Inhibitors of Lysine Specific Demethylase 1.EBI Baylor College of Medicine
26107513 172 Structure-Based Design and Optimization of Multitarget-Directed 2H-Chromen-2-one Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase B and Cholinesterases.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Bari"Aldo Moro"
25627172 150 Novel arylalkenylpropargylamines as neuroprotective, potent, and selective monoamine oxidase B inhibitors for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.EBI A* STAR (Agency of Science, Technology and Research)
25418133 51 N-Methyl-N-((1-methyl-5-(3-(1-(2-methylbenzyl)piperidin-4-yl)propoxy)-1H-indol-2-yl)methyl)prop-2-yn-1-amine, a new cholinesterase and monoamine oxidase dual inhibitor.EBI Laboratorio de Qu�mica M�dica, (IQOG, CSIC)
25600407 26 Reversible and irreversible small molecule inhibitors of monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) investigated by biophysical techniques.EBI Dart NeuroScience, LLC
24955776 166 Indazole- and indole-5-carboxamides: selective and reversible monoamine oxidase B inhibitors with subnanomolar potency.EBI University of Bonn
25462230 80 In silico design of novel 2H-chromen-2-one derivatives as potent and selective MAO-B inhibitors.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Bari"Aldo Moro"
24813882 41 Donepezil + propargylamine + 8-hydroxyquinoline hybrids as new multifunctional metal-chelators, ChE and MAO inhibitors for the potential treatment of Alzheimer's disease.EBI Okayama University
23437843 30 Discovery, biological evaluation, and structure-activity and -selectivity relationships of 6'-substituted (E)-2-(benzofuran-3(2H)-ylidene)-N-methylacetamides, a novel class of potent and selective monoamine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Bari"Aldo Moro"
16884303 27 Structural insights into monoamine oxidase inhibitory potency and selectivity of 7-substituted coumarins from ligand- and target-based approaches.EBI Universit£ di Bari
11543689 34 Coumarins derivatives as dual inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase and monoamine oxidase.EBI Universit£ de Lausanne
17034132 122 Impact of species-dependent differences on screening, design, and development of MAO B inhibitors.EBI University of Geneva
11123983 112 Inhibition of monoamine oxidases by functionalized coumarin derivatives: biological activities, QSARs, and 3D-QSARs.EBI Universit£ de Lausanne
22385498 24 Synthesis and evaluation of a set of para-substituted 4-phenylpiperidines and 4-phenylpiperazines as monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors.EBI NeuroSearch Sweden AB
22282722 10 Molecular Insights into Human Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibition by the Glitazone Anti-Diabetes Drugs.EBI TBA
22503231 66 Multipotent MAO and cholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease: synthesis, pharmacological analysis and molecular modeling of heterocyclic substituted alkyl and cycloalkyl propargyl amine.EBI Laboratorio de Radicales Libres y Qu�mica Computacional (IQOG, CSIC)
22475561 42 Synthesis and inhibitory effect of piperine derivates on monoamine oxidase.EBI General Hospital of PLA
21175212 3 Interactions of monoamine oxidases with the antiepileptic drug zonisamide: specificity of inhibition and structure of the human monoamine oxidase B complex.EBI University of Pavia
20123154 48 2-Arylthiomorpholine derivatives as potent and selective monoamine oxidase B inhibitors.EBI University of Chile
19243954 36 Naphthylisopropylamine and N-benzylamphetamine derivatives as monoamine oxidase inhibitors.EBI University of Chile
17611112 36 A new therapeutic approach in Alzheimer disease: some novel pyrazole derivatives as dual MAO-B inhibitors and antiinflammatory analgesics.EBI Hacettepe University
15689151 112 Alkylamino derivatives of 4-aminomethylpyridine as inhibitors of copper-containing amine oxidases.EBI Universit£ di Genova
9258353 45 Selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidase. 4. SAR of tricyclic N-methylcarboxamides and congeners binding at the tricyclics' hydrophilic binding site.EBI Wellcome Research Laboratories
8487255 84 5-[4-(benzyloxy)phenyl]-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2(3H)-one derivatives and related analogues: new reversible, highly potent, and selective monamine oxidase type B inhibitors.EBI Universit£ Paris 7
1433183 25 Aliphatic propargylamines: potent, selective, irreversible monoamine oxidase B inhibitors.EBI University of Saskatchewan
3397993 37 Stereoisomers of allenic amines as inactivators of monoamine oxidase type B. Stereochemical probes of the active site.EBI Syntex Research
7200144 2 (+/-)-4-Aryl-4,5-dihydro-3H-1,3-benzodiazepines. 1. Synthesis and evaluation of (+/-)-4,5-dihydro-2,3-dimethyl-4-phenyl-3H-1,3-benzodiazepine and analogues as potential antidepressant agents.EBI TBA
 37 Alkylbenzyl ethers of hydroquinones as monoamine oxidase B inhibitorsEBI TBA
 51 Synthesis of coumarins as subtype-selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidaseEBI TBA
22023459 42 Synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular modeling of donepezil and N-[(5-(benzyloxy)-1-methyl-1H-indol-2-yl)methyl]-N-methylprop-2-yn-1-amine hybrids as new multipotent cholinesterase/monoamine oxidase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.EBI Universitat Aut£noma de Barcelona
21377879 44 Development of selective and reversible pyrazoline based MAO-B inhibitors: virtual screening, synthesis and biological evaluation.EBI Birla Institute of Technology
20117937 56 Design of novel nicotinamides as potent and selective monoamine oxidase a inhibitors.EBI Nanjing University
19969454 7 Proposed structural basis of interaction of piperine and related compounds with monoamine oxidases.EBI University of Cambridge
19945874 24 Towards development of selective and reversible pyrazoline based MAO-inhibitors: Synthesis, biological evaluation and docking studies.EBI Institute of Technology
19682910 48 Synthesis and molecular modeling of some novel hexahydroindazole derivatives as potent monoamine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Hacettepe University
19810674 93 Discovery of a novel class of potent coumarin monoamine oxidase B inhibitors: development and biopharmacological profiling of 7-[(3-chlorobenzyl)oxy]-4-[(methylamino)methyl]-2H-chromen-2-one methanesulfonate (NW-1772) as a highly potent, selective, reversible, and orally active monoamine oxidase B EBI Universita degli Studi di Bari
19091581 128 New pyrazoline bearing 4(3H)-quinazolinone inhibitors of monoamine oxidase: synthesis, biological evaluation, and structural determinants of MAO-A and MAO-B selectivity.EBI Hacettepe University
19064321 37 Ultrasound promoted synthesis of 2-imidazolines in water: a greener approach toward monoamine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
19053775 4 Structural and mechanistic studies of mofegiline inhibition of recombinant human monoamine oxidase B.EBI Emory University
18980841 72 Pyrazoline-based mycobactin analogues as MAO-inhibitors.EBI Institute of Technology
17824599 39 Solid-phase synthesis and insights into structure-activity relationships of safinamide analogues as potent and selective inhibitors of type B monoamine oxidase.EBI University of Bari
17521909 15 Human and rat monoamine oxidase-A are differentially inhibited by (S)-4-alkylthioamphetamine derivatives: insights from molecular modeling studies.EBI University of Santiago de Chile
16942031 4 3-[5-(4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-furan-2-yl]phenylamine (Amifuraline), a promising reversible and selective peripheral MAO-A inhibitor.EBI Università degli Studi di Camerino
16759116 8 Synthesis, structural reassignment, and biological activity of type B MAO inhibitors based on the 5H-indeno[1,2-c]pyridazin-5-one core.EBI Facultés Universitaires N.D de la Paix
16356714 16 Synthesis of 3-benzyl-2-substituted quinoxalines as novel monoamine oxidase A inhibitors.EBI University of Alexandria
15189042 24 Novel pyridazino[4,3-b]indoles with dual inhibitory activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and monoamine oxidase.EBI Russian Academy of Sciences
12127518 23 The synthesis and biological evaluation of a novel series of antimicrobials of the oxazolidinone class.EBI Abbott Laboratories
11591508 18 Synthesis of N-propargylphenelzine and analogues as neuroprotective agents.EBI CV Technologies Inc.
10794685 42 Molecular determinants of MAO selectivity in a series of indolylmethylamine derivatives: biological activities, 3D-QSAR/CoMFA analysis, and computational simulation of ligand recognition.EBI Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
9748356 28 Inhibition of monoamine oxidase-B by condensed pyridazines and pyrimidines: effects of lipophilicity and structure-activity relationships.EBI Université de Neuchâtel
9622553 42 Selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidase (MAO). 5. 1-Substituted phenoxathiin inhibitors containing no nitrogen that inhibit MAO A by binding it to a hydrophobic site.EBI The Wellcome Research Laboratories
8627609 51 Selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidase. 3. Structure-activity relationship of tricyclics bearing imidazoline, oxadiazole, or tetrazole groups.EBI Wellcome Research Laboratories
8027990 25 Selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidase. 2. Arylamide SAR.EBI Burroughs Wellcome Company
7562919 132 Inhibition of monoamine oxidase-B by 5H-indeno[1,2-c]pyridazines: biological activities, quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) and 3D-QSARs.EBI Université de Lausanne
7490728 87 Selective and potent monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors: 2-substituted 5-aryltetrazole derivatives.EBI Université Paris 7
2704029 44 Synthesis of some novel potent and selective catechol O-methyltransferase inhibitors.EBI Orion Corporation Ltd.
27434226 140 Evaluation of multifunctional synthetic tetralone derivatives for treatment of Alzheimer's disease.BDB Wuhan University of Technology
25346162 16 Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and Molecular Simulation of Chalcones and Aurones as Selective MAO-B Inhibitors.BDB Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
18092818 4 Comparison of the structural properties of the active site cavities of human and rat monoamine oxidase A and B in their soluble and membrane-bound forms.BDB Emory University
12721338 61 N-(4-tertiarybutylphenyl)-4-(3-chloropyridin-2-yl)tetrahydropyrazine -1(2H)-carbox-amide (BCTC), a novel, orally effective vanilloid receptor 1 antagonist with analgesic properties: I. in vitro characterization and pharmacokinetic properties.BDB Pudue Pharma Discovery Research
11750180 139 Comparative affinity of duloxetine and venlafaxine for serotonin and norepinephrine transporters in vitro and in vivo, human serotonin receptor subtypes, and other neuronal receptors.BDB Lilly Research Laboratories
11356907 15 Antiparkinsonian agent piribedil displays antagonist properties at native, rat, and cloned, human alpha(2)-adrenoceptors: cellular and functional characterization.BDB Institut de Recherches Servier
11082457 63 S18616, a highly potent, spiroimidazoline agonist at alpha(2)-adrenoceptors: I. Receptor profile, antinociceptive and hypothermic actions in comparison with dexmedetomidine and clonidine.BDB Centre de Recherches de Croissy
11082453 77 ABT-702 (4-amino-5-(3-bromophenyl)-7-(6-morpholinopyridin-3-yl)pyrido[2, 3-d]pyrimidine), a novel orally effective adenosine kinase inhibitor with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties: I. In vitro characterization and acute antinociceptive effects in the mouse.BDB Abbott Laboratories
10445051 7 Thiazole derivatives as inhibitors of purified bovine liver mitochondrial monoamine oxidase-B: structure-activity relationships and theoretical study.BDB University of Catania
20455574 9 Site-activated chelators targeting acetylcholinesterase and monoamine oxidase for Alzheimer's therapy.BDB The Weizmann Institute of Science
17910428 48 Synthesis and monoamine oxidase inhibitory activity of new pyridazine-, pyrimidine- and 1,2,4-triazine-containing tricyclic derivatives.BDB University of Bari
15710600 29 Demonstration of isoleucine 199 as a structural determinant for the selective inhibition of human monoamine oxidase B by specific reversible inhibitors.BDB Emory University
12431053 293 Novel dual inhibitors of AChE and MAO derived from hydroxy aminoindan and phenethylamine as potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease.BDB Teva Pharmaceutical Industries