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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
 18 Design and synthesis of novel 2,7-dialkyl substituted 5(S)-amino-4(S)-hydroxy-8-phenyl-octanecarboxamides as in vitro potent peptidomimetic inhibitors of human reninEBI TBA
 23 Novel low molecular renin inhibitors which show good oral blood pressure lowering effects in marmosetsEBI TBA
 16 Bioactive hydroxyethylene dipeptide isosteres with hydrophobic (P3-P1)-moieties. A novel strategy towards small non-peptide renin inhibitorsEBI TBA
 3 Synthesis of α-hydroxy statine through a facially selective osmylation of a chiral α-amido crotonateEBI TBA
 9 Rational design, synthesis, and X-ray structure of renin inhibitors with extended P1 sidechainsEBI TBA
 3 CP-71,362, an unusually potent inhibitor of rat and dog reninEBI TBA
 11 Tetrahydroisoquinoline as a phenylalanine replacement in renin inhibitorsEBI TBA
 13 Preparation of a novel series of phosphonate norstatine renin inhibitorsEBI TBA
 4 Design and synthesis of a prototypical non-peptidic inhibitor model for the enzme reninEBI TBA
 15 The identification of a novel renin inhibitor of equivalent efficacy following oral or intravenous administration.EBI TBA
 22 Novel pseudosymmetric inhibitors of HIV-1 proteaseEBI TBA
 24 Diol sulfonamides: A potent and novel class of inhibitors of human reninEBI TBA
 6 Peptidomimetic inhibitors of renin incorporating topographically modified isosteres spanning the P1(→ P3)-P1' sitesEBI TBA
 12 MDL 74147, a novel selective and soluble inhibitor of human renin. Synthesis, structure-activity relationship, species and protease selectivities.EBI TBA
 38 Conformationally restricted peptide isosteres. 2.1 Synthesis and in vitro potency of dipeptide renin inhibitors employing a 2-alkylsulfonyl-3-phenylcyclopropane carboxamide as a P3 amino acid replacementEBI TBA