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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
27780639 66 Discovery of potent inhibitors of the lysophospholipase autotaxin.EBI Babraham Research Campus
26745766 20 Development of Autotaxin Inhibitors: An Overview of the Patent and Primary Literature.EBI University of Strathclyde
26190462 3 Vinyl sulfone analogs of lysophosphatidylcholine irreversibly inhibit autotaxin and prevent angiogenesis in melanoma.EBI The University of Georgia
25372276 53 Imidazopyridine- and purine-thioacetamide derivatives: potent inhibitors of nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 1 (NPP1).EBI KU Leuven
23816044 24 Autotaxin inhibition: development and application of computational tools to identify site-selective lead compounds.EBI The University of Memphis
22460025 12 The chemical synthesis of metabolically stabilized 2-OMe-LPA analogues and preliminary studies of their inhibitory activity toward autotaxin.EBI Technical University of Lodz
20349977 36 Pharmacophore development and application toward the identification of novel, small-molecule autotaxin inhibitors.EBI The University of Memphis
21489790 10 Aromatic phosphonates inhibit the lysophospholipase D activity of autotaxin.EBI The University of Utah
21615078 15 Structure-based design of novel boronic acid-based inhibitors of autotaxin.EBI The Netherlands Cancer Institute
20951039 30 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of tyrosine-based inhibitors of autotaxin (ATX).EBI University of Virginia
21051230 2 Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of the stereoisomers of 3-carba cyclic-phosphatidic acid.EBI University of Tennessee Health Science Center
20536182 36 Discovery and optimization of boronic acid based inhibitors of autotaxin.EBI Institute
20005724 22 Characterization of non-lipid autotaxin inhibitors.EBI The University of Memphis
20041668 35 Optimization of a pipemidic acid autotaxin inhibitor.EBI The University of Memphis
16290140 54 Identification of Darmstoff analogs as selective agonists and antagonists of lysophosphatidic acid receptors.EBI University of Tennessee Health Science Center
16263282 43 Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of second-generation phosphatidic acid derivatives as lysophosphatidic acid receptor ligands.EBI University of Tennessee Health Science Center
23688339 52 Screening and X-ray crystal structure-based optimization of autotaxin (ENPP2) inhibitors, using a newly developed fluorescence probe.BDB The University of Tokyo