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9 articles for thisTarget

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
20380377 70 Discovery of novel and potent leukotriene B4 receptor antagonists. Part 1.EBI Roche Research Center
15798001 56 Inhibitory effect of the 4-aminotetrahydroquinoline derivatives, selective chemoattractant receptor-homologous molecule expressed on T helper 2 cell antagonists, on eosinophil migration induced by prostaglandin D2.BDB Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
15131245 86 SR147778 [5-(4-bromophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-ethyl-N-(1-piperidinyl)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide], a new potent and selective antagonist of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor: biochemical and pharmacological characterization.BDB Sanofi-Synthelabo Recherche
11006272 59 A novel hepatointestinal leukotriene B4 receptor. Cloning and functional characterization.BDB Schering-Plough Research Institute
10851239 7 Characterization of the human cysteinyl leukotriene 2 receptor.BDB University of Virginia
10411562 36 Rofecoxib [Vioxx, MK-0966; 4-(4'-methylsulfonylphenyl)-3-phenyl-2-(5H)-furanone]: a potent and orally active cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor. Pharmacological and biochemical profiles.BDB Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research
9454810 72 SR 144528, the first potent and selective antagonist of the CB2 cannabinoid receptor.BDB Sanofi Recherche
9177352 5 A G-protein-coupled receptor for leukotriene B4 that mediates chemotaxis.BDB The University of Tokyo
1320692 19 Comparison of antagonist and agonist binding to the leukotriene B4 receptor intact human polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN).BDB CIBA-GEIGY Corporation