How to find your session ID?

To recover a forgotten session ID, type in the email address you entered when starting the new entry and then click "Search".

Use your cursor to highlight the session ID with the right date and copy it with your browser's "Copy" function.

- To continue a session, click the "Continue Deposition" link in the left pane, and use "Paste" to fill out the "Session Restart ID".

- To revise an entry that was already checked and submitted, click the "Revise Existing Entry" link, and use "Paste" to fill out the "Session Restart ID".


How to start a new data entry?

After you enter your email address and click the "Begin" button, the data-deposition page will be shown and you will be able to start entering a new set of binding reactions.

At the same time, a unique deposition "session ID" will also be sent to the email address you entered.

The session ID is the key to access your data. It can be used to continue an unfinished session or to modify an entry after it is submitted. If you lose the session ID, you can retrieve it via a link on the "Continue Deposition" page.

Data saved while you are working here will remain available to you even if you stop working. To continue a prior session, use "Continue Deposition" instead of "Start New Entry". Note that data saved during this entry process are not entered into the main database itself until you submit them for review via the "Check & Submit" link.

Currently, only isothermal titration calorimetry data can be entered via this web interface, but we hope to support entry of enzyme inhibition data by Summer, 2001.


How to continue deposition?

The Session Restart ID is the session ID given to you when you typed in your email address and clicked "Begin" in the "Start New Entry" page.

You should have received an email message with this session ID after clicking the Begin button. Check your email for it under subject "Your BindingDb deposion session number". However, if you cannot find this email message, use the "click here" link to retrieve it.


How to revise existing entries?

Use this page only to make a new version of data that has already been checked and submitted, not to continue entering data that has not yet been checked and submitted.

Enter the session ID of the submitted entry to recover the submitted data. A new session, with a new session ID, will be created. All the data from previous entry will be copied into this new session and you can make changes as needed. Then check and submit the revised entry when you are finished revising the data. You can stop and continue data entry as usual with this new session ID until the data are checked and submitted.