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MMDB Description
73591Caspase-8 Specificity Probed at Subsite S4: Crystal Structure of the Caspase-8-z-devd-cho
82395Crystal Structure of the Caspase-8/p35 Complex
13930Crystal Structure of the Complex of Caspase-8 With the Tripeptide Ketone Inhibitor Zevd-dcbmk
51047Crystal Structure of the Complex of Caspase-8 With the Tetrapeptide Inhibitor Ace-ietd-aldehyde
41365Crystal Structure of Caspase-8 in Complex With Aza-peptide Michael Acceptor Inhibitor
39889Alternative P35-caspase-8 Complex
70305Solution Structure of the Catalytic Domain of Procaspase-8
71449Zymogen Caspase-8:c-flipl Protease Domain Complex
83996Caspase 8 Bound to a Covalent Inhibitor
83997Caspase 8 With Covalent Inhibitor