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Target EnzymaticKineticITCArticlesDownloads
Primary IDUniProt Recommended NameSecondary IDsBindingDB NameKiIC50KdEC50koffkonLigProt
P24941Cyclin-dependent kinase 2CDK2/Cyclin A, CDK2/Cyclin A/Cyclin A1, CDK2/Cyclin A1, CDK2/Cyclin E/G1/S-specific cyclin E2, CDK2/Cyclin O, Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2), GST-CDK2/CycE55057046421642482004222D 3D TSV
P24864G1/S-specific cyclin-E1CDK1/Cyclin E, CDK2/Cyclin E/G1/S-specific cyclin E2, CDK3/E, Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 (CDK2), Cyclin-dependent kinase 4/G1/S-specific cyclin-E1, G1/S-specific cyclin-E1, GST-CDK2/CycE30620290000001092D 3D TSV