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23865723169Therapeutic utility of cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB(2)) selective agonists.EBICell Chem Biol 56: 8224-56 (2013)Arena Pharmaceuticals2D 3D TSV
2415229512Discovery and optimization of piperidyl-1,2,3-triazole ureas as potent, selective, and in vivo-active inhibitors of a/-hydrolase domain containing 6 (ABHD6).EBICell Chem Biol 56: 8270-9 (2013)The Scripps Research Institute2D 3D TSV
2409898239Fragment-to-hit-to-lead discovery of a novel pyridylurea scaffold of ATP competitive dual targeting type II topoisomerase inhibiting antibacterial agents.EBICell Chem Biol 56: 8712-35 (2013)AstraZeneca R&D Boston2D 3D TSV
2408819038Thiazolopyridine ureas as novel antitubercular agents acting through inhibition of DNA Gyrase B.EBICell Chem Biol 56: 8834-48 (2013)AstraZeneca India Pvt. Ltd.2D 3D TSV