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2299626111Evidence for substrate-dependent inhibition profiles for human liver aldehyde oxidase.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 24-9 (2012)Washington State University2D 3D TSV
23033255177Discovery and characterization of novel, potent, and selective cytochrome P450 2J2 inhibitors.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 60-71 (2012)Tongji University2D 3D TSV
230737345Evaluation and prediction of potential drug-drug interactions of linagliptin using in vitro cell culture methods.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 149-58 (2012)Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd.2D 3D TSV
231183265Clinical pharmacokinetics, metabolism, and drug-drug interaction of carfilzomib.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 230-7 (2012)Onyx Pharmaceuticals2D 3D TSV
228153123Quantitative prediction of CYP2B6 induction by estradiol during pregnancy: potential explanation for increased methadone clearance during pregnancy.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 270-4 (2013)Amgen2D 3D TSV
2313233428In vitro investigations into the roles of drug transporters and metabolizing enzymes in the disposition and drug interactions of dolutegravir, a HIV integrase inhibitor.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 353-61 (2013)GlaxoSmithKline2D 3D TSV
232888672Regiospecificity and stereospecificity of human UDP-glucuronosyltransferases in the glucuronidation of estriol, 16-epiestriol, 17-epiestriol, and 13-epiestradiol.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 582-91 (2013)University of Helsinki2D 3D TSV
232840822Amide hydrolysis of a novel chemical series of microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 inhibitors induces kidney toxicity in the rat.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 634-41 (2013)AstraZeneca2D 3D TSV
2338670210Reversible inhibition of human carboxylesterases by acyl glucuronides.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 698-703 (2013)Eisai Inc.2D 3D TSV
233057092Pharmacokinetics, metabolism, and excretion of the glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitor LY2090314 in rats, dogs, and humans: a case study in rapid clearance by extensive metabolism with low circulating metabolite exposure.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 714-26 (2013)Eli Lilly and Company2D 3D TSV
2334479616Organic anion transporter 3 interacts selectively with lipophilic▀-lactam antibiotics.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 791-800 (2013)Wilkes University2D 3D TSV
2335563714Metabolites of PPI-2458, a selective, irreversible inhibitor of methionine aminopeptidase-2: structure determination and in vivo activity.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 814-26 (2013)GlaxoSmithKline2D 3D TSV
233719651The inactivation of human CYP2E1 by phenethyl isothiocyanate, a naturally occurring chemopreventive agent, and its oxidative bioactivation.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 858-69 (2013)University of Michigan Medical School2D 3D TSV
233719661Potential role of UGT1A4 promoter SNPs in anastrozole pharmacogenomics.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 870-7 (2013)University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences2D 3D TSV
233786262Absorption, elimination, and metabolism of CS-1036, a novela-amylase inhibitor in rats and monkeys, and the relationship between gastrointestinal distribution and suppression of glucose absorption.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 878-87 (2013)Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd2D 3D TSV
2338870530Transport of A1 adenosine receptor agonist tecadenoson by human and mouse nucleoside transporters: evidence for blood-brain barrier transport by murine equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 mENT1.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 916-22 (2013)Gilead Sciences Inc2D 3D TSV
234014739Interaction of silymarin flavonolignans with organic anion-transporting polypeptides.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 958-65 (2013)University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2D 3D TSV
233964194Involvement of organic anion-transporting polypeptides in the hepatic uptake of dioscin in rats and humans.EBIDrug Metab Dispos 41: 994-1003 (2013)Dalian Medical University2D 3D TSV