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PMIDDataArticle TitleCitationOrganizationData Download
3189126510Isolation of a High-Affinity Cannabinoid for the Human CB1 Receptor from a Medicinal EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 88-98 (2020)University of Modena and Reggio Emilia2D 3D TSV
31933369181-(2'-Bromobenzyl)-6,7-dihydroxy-EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 127-133 (2020)Universidad de Santiago de Compostela2D 3D TSV
318603038Phloroglucinol Benzophenones and Xanthones from the Leaves of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 164-168 (2020)University of Wollongong2D 3D TSV
3194469523Stilbenes with Potent Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-1B Inhibitory Activity from the Roots of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 323-332 (2020)Kyungpook National University2D 3D TSV
319772093Nostotrebin 6 Related Cyclopentenediones and ?-Lactones with Broad Activity Spectrum Isolated from the Cultivation Medium of the Cyanobacterium EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 392-400 (2020)University of Halle-Wittenberg2D 3D TSV
3196746536Isocadiolides A-H: Polybrominated Aromatics from a EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 429-437 (2020)Seoul National University2D 3D TSV
3207728412Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tryptamines Found in Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: Norbaeocystin, Baeocystin, Norpsilocin, and Aeruginascin.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 461-467 (2020)Usona Institute2D 3D TSV
3205871922Yanhusanines A-F, Isoquinoline-Derived Alkaloid Enantiomers from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 489-496 (2020)Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College2D 3D TSV
319755799Chrysosporazines F-M: P-Glycoprotein Inhibitory Phenylpropanoid Piperazines from an Australian Marine Fish Derived Fungus, EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 497-504 (2020)The University of Queensland2D 3D TSV
3196167618Kinase-Inhibitory Nucleoside Derivatives from the Pacific Bryozoan EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 547-551 (2020)Victoria University of Wellington2D 3D TSV
3203179523Antimycobacterial Rufomycin Analogues from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 657-667 (2020)University of Illinois at Chicago2D 3D TSV
318989045?-Glucosidase and Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitors from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 675-683 (2020)University of North Carolina Greensboro2D 3D TSV
321422762Distribution of Bibenzyls, Prenyl Bibenzyls, Bis-bibenzyls, and Terpenoids in the Liverwort Genus EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 756-769 (2020)Tokushima Bunri University2D 3D TSV
3219634319Prenylated Phenolic Compounds from the Aerial Parts of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 814-824 (2020)Peking University2D 3D TSV
320838685Isolation and Structural Characterization of Specific Bacterial ?-Glucuronidase Inhibitors from Noni (EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 825-833 (2020)Wayne State University2D 3D TSV
321504139Bioactive Azepine-Indole Alkaloids from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 852-863 (2020)Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul-UFRGS2D 3D TSV
321632841Anti-inflammatory Metabolites from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 881-887 (2020)Korea University2D 3D TSV
321296221Polyacetylenes from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 918-926 (2020)University of Vienna2D 3D TSV
3222788340Isolation and Synthesis of Veranamine, an Antidepressant Lead from the Marine Sponge EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1092-1098 (2020)University of Mississippi2D 3D TSV
321632861Antiausterity Activity of Secondary Metabolites from the Roots of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1099-1106 (2020)University of Innsbruck2D 3D TSV
321005443Diterpenoids from the Root Bark of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1229-1237 (2020)Chinese Academy of Sciences2D 3D TSV
322830192Ene-yne Hydroquinones from a Marine-derived Strain of the Fungus EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1258-1264 (2020)Chinese Academy of Sciences2D 3D TSV
3230994950Aromatic Esters of the Crinane Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid Ambelline as Selective Inhibitors of Butyrylcholinesterase.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1359-1367 (2020)University of Defence2D 3D TSV
3229812211Naphthacemycins from a EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1394-1399 (2020)Hebei Medical University2D 3D TSV
322399359Furofuranone Lignans from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1424-1431 (2020)Universidad Aut£noma del Estado de Morelos2D 3D TSV
3234772641Licochalcone A Selectively Resensitizes ABCG2-Overexpressing Multidrug-Resistant Cancer Cells to Chemotherapeutic Drugs.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1461-1472 (2020)Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital2D 3D TSV
323647265Structural Specificity of Flavonoids in the Inhibition of Human Fructose 1,6-Bisphosphatase.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1541-1552 (2020)University of Porto2D 3D TSV
3225562820PTP1B-Inhibiting Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Dimers from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1598-1610 (2020)University of Copenhagen2D 3D TSV
323151738The Oxidation of Phytocannabinoids to Cannabinoquinoids.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1711-1715 (2020)Universit£ del Piemonte Orientale2D 3D TSV
325253151Antiproliferative Flavanoid Dimers Isolated from Brazilian Red Propolis.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1784-1793 (2020)Universidade de S£o Paulo2D 3D TSV
324640616Precursor-Directed Biosynthesis and Fluorescence Labeling of Clickable Microcystins.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 1960-1970 (2020)University of Halle-Wittenberg2D 3D TSV
324960591Structural Revision of Garcinielliptin Oxide and Garcinielliptone E.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2041-2044 (2020)University of Kentucky2D 3D TSV
3264919620Synthesis of the Major Mammalian Metabolites of THCV.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2060-2065 (2020)National Research Council of Italy2D 3D TSV
325845752Dehydrohispanolone Derivatives Attenuate the Inflammatory Response through the Modulation of Inflammasome Activation.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2155-2164 (2020)Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)2D 3D TSV
325976501Hydroxy-EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2212-2220 (2020)Universidad Nacional Aut£noma de M£xico2D 3D TSV
327868858Usnic Acid Conjugates with Monoterpenoids as Potent Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 Inhibitors.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2320-2329 (2020)2D 3D TSV
328961201Structures of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2706-2717 (2020)Tohoku University2D 3D TSV
3288017921Cannabitwinol, a Dimeric Phytocannabinoid from Hemp, EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2727-2736 (2020)University of Naples Federico II2D 3D TSV
329410363Lycosquarrines A-R, EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2831-2843 (2020)China Pharmaceutical University2D 3D TSV
3295142323Bioactivity-Guided Discovery of Human Carboxylesterase Inhibitors from the Roots of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2940-2949 (2020)Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College2D 3D TSV
329899852Flavonoids with Inhibitory Effects on NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2950-2959 (2020)Sichuan University2D 3D TSV
3302680911Biological Evaluation of Selected Flavonoids as Inhibitors of MNKs Targeting Acute Myeloid Leukemia.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2967-2975 (2020)The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)2D 3D TSV
329985094Decoding the Papain Inhibitor from EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 2983-2995 (2020)University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt2D 3D TSV
330268075Piperlonguminine and Piperine Analogues as TrxR Inhibitors that Promote ROS and Autophagy and Regulate p38 and Akt/mTOR Signaling.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3041-3049 (2020)Nantong University2D 3D TSV
329759532Natural and Semisynthetic Chalcones as Dual FLT3 and Microtubule Polymerization Inhibitors.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3111-3121 (2020)Lahore University of Management Sciences2D 3D TSV
331183481Discovery of a Beetroot Protease Inhibitor to Identify and Classify Plant-Derived Cystine Knot Peptides.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3305-3314 (2020)Medical University of Vienna2D 3D TSV
331363996Discovery of a Remarkable Methyl Shift Effect in the Vanilloid Activity of Triterpene Amides.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3476-3481 (2020)National Research Council (ICB-CNR)2D 3D TSV
332535732In Vivo Biological Evaluation of a Synthetic Royleanone Derivative as a Promising Fast-Acting Trypanocidal Agent by Inducing Mitochondrial-Dependent Necrosis.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3571-3583 (2020)Hospitales Universitarios De Granada/University of Granada2D 3D TSV
332900621Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Inhibitors Discovered among Natural Compounds.EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3642-3651 (2020)INSERM U1182 - CNRS UMR76452D 3D TSV
3332064557-Benzyl-linoleamide, a Constituent of EBIJ Nat Prod 83: 3689-3697 (2020)University of California Davis2D 3D TSV