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1560440 42 Synthesis and muscarinic activities of quinuclidin-3-yltriazole and -tetrazole derivatives.EBI SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
1732545 27 Phenyl-substituted analogues of oxotremorine as muscarinic antagonists.EBI University of Uppsala
1619616 94 Substituent variation in azabicyclic triazole- and tetrazole-based muscarinic receptor ligands.EBI SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
1895293 44 Comparison of azabicyclic esters and oxadiazoles as ligands for the muscarinic receptor.EBI SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
1875333 132 Cholinergic activity of acetylenic imidazoles and related compounds.EBI Upjohn Company
1995893 81 Muscarinic cholinergic agonists and antagonists of the 3-(3-alkyl-1,2,4-oxadiazol-5-yl)-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridine type. Synthesis and structure-activity relationships.EBI Ferrosan A/S
2299626 18 Beta-lactam analogues of oxotremorine. 3- and 4-methyl-substituted 2-azetidinones.EBI University of Uppsala
2258905 135 Chemical and biochemical studies of 2-propynylpyrrolidine derivatives. Restricted-rotation analogues of N-methyl-N-(1-methyl-4-pyrrolidino-2-butynyl)acetamide (BM-5).EBI American Cyanamid Company
2296026 12 Synthesis of some 3-(1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]octyl) 3-amino-2-hydroxy-2-phenylpropionates: profile of antimuscarinic efficacy and selectivity.EBI Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation
2724292 120 Regional differences in the binding of selective muscarinic receptor antagonists in rat brain: comparison with minimum-energy conformations.EBI University of Toledo
2785211 18 Synthesis and biological evaluation of [125I]- and [123I]-4-iododexetimide, a potent muscarinic cholinergic receptor antagonist.EBI Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
2704032 10 Conformationally restricted analogues of the muscarinic agent N-methyl-N-(1-methyl-4-pyrrolidino-2-butynyl)acetamide.EBI University of Uppsala
3351856 3 Synthesis and antiulcer activity of 5,11-dihydro[1]benzoxepino[3,4-b]pyridines.EBI Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
3336015 8 Dimethylsulfonium and thiolanium analogues of the muscarinic agent oxotremorine.EBI University of California
3039133 9 Tricyclic compounds as selective antimuscarinics. 1. Structural requirements for selectivity toward the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in a series of pirenzepine and imipramine analogues.EBI TBA
3806613 2 Molecular modification of anticholinergics as probes for muscarinic receptors. 3. Conformationally restricted analogues of benactyzine.EBI TBA
2866248 8 Examination of a series of 8-[3-[bis(4-fluorophenyl)amino]propyl]-1-aryl-1,3,8- triazaspiro[4.5]decan-4-ones as potential antipsychotic agents.EBI TBA
7108902 18 Affinity of 10-(4-methylpiperazino)dibenz[b,f]oxepins for clozapine and spiroperidol binding sites in rat brain.EBI TBA
6128416 29 Effects of conformationally restricted 4-piperazinyl-10H-thienobenzodiazepine neuroleptics on central dopaminergic and cholinergic systems.EBI TBA
7288815 18 Synthesis of clozapine analogues and their affinity for clozapine and spiroperidol binding sites in rat brain.EBI TBA
6249933 12 Conformationally restricted tricyclic antidepressants. 1. Octahydrodibenzazepinonaphthyridines as rigid imipramine analogues.EBI TBA
27939174 84 Challenges in the development of an MEBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
27185330 60 Discovery and optimization of a novel series of highly CNS penetrant M4 PAMs based on a 5,6-dimethyl-4-(piperidin-1-yl)thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine core.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
25147929 105 Development of a highly potent, novel M5 positive allosteric modulator (PAM) demonstrating CNS exposure: 1-((1H-indazol-5-yl)sulfoneyl)-N-ethyl-N-(2-(trifluoromethyl)benzyl)piperidine-4-carboxamide (ML380).EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
24164599 9 Discovery of the first M5-selective and CNS penetrant negative allosteric modulator (NAM) of a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor: (S)-9b-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-(3,4-difluorobenzoyl)-2,3-dihydro-1H-imidazo[2,1-a]isoindol-5(9bH)-one (ML375).EBI Vanderbilt University
23562060 9 Discovery of ML326: The first sub-micromolar, selective M5 PAM.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
23200253 67 Further exploration of M1 allosteric agonists: subtle structural changes abolish M1 allosteric agonism and result in pan-mAChR orthosteric antagonism.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
23177787 59 Discovery of a selective M4 positive allosteric modulator based on the 3-amino-thieno[2,3-b]pyridine-2-carboxamide scaffold: development of ML253, a potent and brain penetrant compound that is active in a preclinical model of schizophrenia.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
9767650 48 Universal template approach to drug design: polyamines as selective muscarinic receptor antagonists.EBI University of Bologna
18178088 64 Synthesis and SAR of selective muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtype 1 (M1 mAChR) antagonists.EBI Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology
9622546 109 6beta-Acetoxynortropane: a potent muscarinic agonist with apparent selectivity toward M2-receptors.EBI National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
8765504 34 (S)-(-)-5-ethynyl-3-(1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)pyridine maleate (SIB-1508Y): a novel anti-parkinsonian agent with selectivity for neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.EBI SIBIA Neurosciences Inc.
7562924 10 Resolution and in vitro and initial in vivo evaluation of isomers of iodine-125-labeled 1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]oct-3-yl alpha-hydroxy-alpha-(1-iodo-1-propen-3-yl)-alpha-phenylacetate: a high-affinity ligand for the muscarinic receptor.EBI Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
8394936 11 Design of potent non-peptide competitive antagonists of the human bradykinin B2 receptor.EBI Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceutical Research Division
1319493 31 Synthesis and receptor binding properties of fluoro- and iodo-substituted high affinity sigma receptor ligands: identification of potential PET and SPECT sigma receptor imaging agents.EBI National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
1956033 121 Synthesis, molecular modeling studies, and muscarinic receptor activity of azaprophen analogues.EBI Research Triangle Institute
2573732 84 Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of a series of 4-piperazinylpyrazolo[3,4-b]- and -[4,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepines as potential anxiolytics.EBI Lilly Research Centre Limited
2571731 33 Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of CNS activities of [1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-b][1,5]-, imidazolo[4,5-b][1,5]-, and pyrido[2,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepines. 10-Piperazinyl-4H-1,2,3-triazolo[4,5-b][1,5]benzodiazepines with neuroleptic activity.EBI Lilly Research Centre Limited
3385727 48 Heterocyclic muscarinic agonists. Synthesis and biological activity of some bicyclic sulfonium arecoline bioisosteres.EBI Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
3039136 328 Pyrroloisoquinoline antidepressants. 2. In-depth exploration of structure-activity relationships.EBI TBA
2869146 72 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-(1,2-benzisothiazol-3-yl)- and (1,2-benzisoxazol-3-yl)piperazine derivatives as potential antipsychotic agents.EBI TBA
6134835 76 Synthesis and receptor binding studies relevant to the neuroleptic activities of some 1-methyl-4-piperidylidene-9-substituted-pyrrolo[2,1-b][3]benzazepine derivatives.EBI TBA
9873644 74 Identification of side chains on 1,2,5-thiadiazole-azacycles optimal for muscarinic m1 receptor activation.EBI Novo Nordisk A/S
 40 Structure activity relationships of non-peptide bradykinin B2 receptor antagonistsEBI TBA
21930376 92 Development of a highly selective, orally bioavailable and CNS penetrant M1 agonist derived from the MLPCN probe ML071.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
18059262 9 An allosteric potentiator of M4 mAChR modulates hippocampal synaptic transmission.EBI DVanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery
20004578 28 Chemical lead optimization of a pan G(q) mAChR M(1), M(3), M(5) positive allosteric modulator (PAM) lead. Part I: Development of the first highly selective M(5) PAM.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
 20 Synthesis and binding affinity of new muscarinic ligands structurally related to oxotremorineEBI TBA
 16 Identification of novel (isoxazole)methylene-1-azabicyclic compounds with high affinity for the central nicotinic cholinergic receptorEBI TBA
 88 A rationale for the design and synthesis of m1 selective muscarinic agonists.EBI TBA
 21 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of heterocyclic analogues of the functional M1 selective muscarinic agonist hexyloxy-TZTPEBI TBA
 40 Cholinergic agents: aldehyde, ketone, and oxime analogues of the muscarinic agonist UH5EBI TBA
 8 Alzheimer's therapy: an approach to novel muscarinic ligands based upon the naturally occurring alkaloid himbacine.EBI TBA
 14 Cholinergic agents: 2-oxazolidinone analogues of the acetylcholine-receptor muscarinic agonist pilocarpineEBI TBA
19438238 45 Discovery of the first highly M5-preferring muscarinic acetylcholine receptor ligand, an M5 positive allosteric modulator derived from a series of 5-trifluoromethoxy N-benzyl isatins.EBI Vanderbilt University Medical Center
8558529 195 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of N-propyl-N-(4-pyridinyl)-1H-indol-1-amine (besipirdine) and related analogs as potential therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease.EBI Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals Inc.
8410999 81 3,4-Dimethyl-4-(3-hydroxyphenyl)piperidines: opioid antagonists with potent anorectant activity.EBI Lilly Research Laboratories
8355251 8 Synthesis and binding properties of MK-801 isothiocyanates; (+)-3-isothiocyanato-5-methyl-10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten- 5,10-imine hydrochloride: a new, potent and selective electrophilic affinity ligand for the NMDA receptor-coupled phencyclidine binding site.EBI National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
8101877 80 New pyridobenzodiazepine derivatives as potential antipsychotics: synthesis and neurochemical study.EBI University of Liège
3746815 15 In vitro labeling of serotonin-S2 receptors: synthesis and binding characteristics of [3H]-7-aminoketanserin.EBI TBA
3712371 49 A novel class of conformationally restricted heterocyclic muscarinic agonists.EBI TBA
2892936 21 Synthesis and potential antipsychotic activity of 1H-imidazo[1,2-c]pyrazolo[3,4-e]pyrimidines.EBI Warner-Lambert Company
2875184 57 (5-Amino-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)(2-fluorophenyl)methanones . A series of novel potential antipsychotic agents.EBI TBA
2571728 21 Sterically hindered 5,11-dicarbo analogues of clozapine as potential chiral antipsychotic agents.EBI Vanderbilt University
2066986 137 Functionalized congener approach to muscarinic antagonists: analogues of pirenzepine.EBI NIDDK
1967652 27 Chloro-substituted, sterically hindered 5,11-dicarbo analogues of clozapine as potential chiral antipsychotic agents.EBI Vanderbilt University
1732522 42 Muscarinic activity of the thiolactone, lactam, lactol, and thiolactol analogues of pilocarpine and a hypothetical model for the binding of agonists to the m1 receptor.EBI Sandoz Pharma Ltd.
1613746 48 Synthesis and muscarinic receptor activity of ester derivatives of 2-substituted 2-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-5-ol and -6-ol.EBI Research Triangle Institute
1507212 42 Urea and 2-imidazolidone derivatives of the muscarinic agents oxotremorine and N-methyl-N-(1-methyl-4-pyrrolidino-2-butynyl)acetamide.EBI University of Uppsala
23548908 1 Inhibition of isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase as a potential treatment for human African Trypanosomiasis.BDB University of Washington
26051755 2 New monomeric and dimeric uridinyl derivatives as inhibitors of chitin synthase.BDB Silesian University of Technology