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"Acetolactate synthase catalytic subunit, mitochondrial" ( 100% identity ) with "BDBM50424591" ( exact match ):

A Quick Jmol Tutorial

To bring up the menu: Right-click on Jmol window

Rotate molecule: Hold LeftMouse and drag

Translate molecule: Hold Ctrl-RightMouse and drag. (May not work on Macbook)

Center the view on a selected atom

  • Menu→Set Picking→Center
  • Left-click on desired central atom
  • Menu→Set Picking→Off

Change from Cartoon rendering of protein to "licorice bond" rendering

  • Menu→Select→Protein→All
  • Menu→Style→Bonds→0.2 Å
  • Menu→Style→Structures→Off

Change from "licorice bond" rendering of ligand to van der Waals rendering

  • Menu→Select→Hetero→Ligand
  • Menu→Style→Atoms→100% van der Waals

Save image of current view

  • Menu→Save→PNG image

To learn more about Jmol, see,