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1,2-Benzothiazine 1,1-dioxide alpha-ketoamide analogues as potent calpain I inhibitors.EBI
Cephalon Inc
Highly potent and selective peptide-based inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus serine protease: towards smaller inhibitors.EBI
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc
Inhibition of human cytomegalovirus protease by benzoxazinones and evidence of antiviral activity in cell cultureEBI
Peptidyl epoxides as inhibitors of α-chymotrypsin: Remarkable change from irreversible to reversible competitive inhibitor as a consequence of the improvement of binding affinityEBI
Inactivation of serine protease, α-chymotrypsin by fluorinated phenylalanine analoguesEBI
N-(carbobenzyloxy)isatin: A slow binding α-keto lactam inhibitor of α-chymotrypsinEBI
Inhibition of alpha-chymotrypsin with thiol-bearing substrate analogues in the presence of zinc ion.EBI
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Oxyguanidines: application to non-peptidic phenyl-based thrombin inhibitors.EBI
3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc
The discovery of orally available thrombin inhibitors: optimisation of the P1 pharmacophore.EBI
Novartis Horsham Research Centre
Symmetrical anhydride-type serine protease inhibitors: structure-activity relationship studies of human chymase inhibitors.EBI
Nippon Steel Corporation
Inhibition of human cytomegalovirus protease N(o) with monocyclic beta-lactams.EBI
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd
Potent and selective inhibitors of the proteasome: dipeptidyl boronic acids.EBI
ProScript, Inc.
Iterative Optimization of the Cyclic Peptide SFTI-1 Yields Potent Inhibitors of Neutrophil Proteinase 3.EBI
The University of Queensland
Acylamino boronic acids and difluoroborane analogues of amino acids: potent inhibitors of chymotrypsin and elastase.EBI
Enol lactone inhibitors of serine proteases. The effect of regiochemistry on the inactivation behavior of phenyl-substituted (halomethylene)tetra- and -dihydrofuranones and (halomethylene)tetrahydropyranones toward alpha-chymotrypsin: stable acyl enzyme intermediate.EBI
Synthesis of peptidyl fluoromethyl ketones and peptidyl alpha-keto esters as inhibitors of porcine pancreatic elastase, human neutrophil elastase, and rat and human neutrophil cathepsin G.EBI
Merrell Dow Research Institute