BDBM50324672 CHEMBL1222038::Secramine A

SMILES COc1ccc(CS[C@@H]2C\C(C[C@H]3Oc4c5c(CN[C@H](CO)C[C@]235)cc(OCC2CC2)c4Br)=N\OCc2ccccc2)cc1


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TargetCell division control protein 42 homolog(Homo sapiens (Human))
Harvard Medical School

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LigandPNGBDBM50324672(CHEMBL1222038 | Secramine A)
Affinity DataIC50:  9.00E+3nMAssay Description:Inhibition of GEF-independent nucleotide exchange activity of prenylated Cdc42 after 3 mins in presence of 4 mM Mg2+ chelator EDTAMore data for this Ligand-Target Pair
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