BDBM582639 US11547687, Compound 21c

SMILES C[C@H](C[C@H](Cc1ccc(cc1)-c1ccccc1)C(=O)CCC(O)=O)C(O)=O


Data  1 IC50

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TargetNeprilysin/Angiotensin-converting enzyme(Homo sapiens (Human))
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US Patent
LigandPNGBDBM582639(US11547687, Compound 21c)
Affinity DataIC50:  700nMAssay Description:The assays were performed in 384-well white opaque plates at 37? C. using the fluorogenic peptide substrates at a concentration of 10 μM in Assa...More data for this Ligand-Target Pair
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