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Found 1 Enz. Inhib. hit(s) with Target = 'Fatty acid-binding protein, liver [T94A]' and Ligand = 'BDBM28700'
TargetFatty acid-binding protein, liver [T94A](Homo sapiens (Human))
Texas A&M University

LigandPNGBDBM28700(2-(4-(4-Chlorobenzoyl)phenoxy)-2-methylpropionic a...)
Affinity DataKi:  310nMAssay Description:A solution of the L-FABP (500 nM) and ANS (35 µM) was titrated with phytanic acid (0-6.4 µM) or fenofibrate (0-6 µM for the rat L-FABP...More data for this Ligand-Target Pair
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