The first public molecular recognition database, BindingDB supports research, education and practice in drug discovery, pharmacology and related fields.

BindingDB contains 2.6M data for 1.1M Compounds and 8.9K Targets. Of those, 1,193K data for 550K Compounds and 4.4K Targets were curated by BindingDB curators. BindingDB is a FAIRsharing resource.

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These files updated when new data are added, usually monthly

  • Many users find the tab-separated value (TSV) files easiest to work with. These have one row for each binding measurement, so each row has the SMILES string of a ligand, and these files can easily be loaded into spreadsheet programs like Excel and LibreOffice Calc. Detailed documentation is available for our TSV and SDfile formats.
  • If you have special requirements or suggestions, please contact us. We will do our best to help.

*_2D.sdf: compound structures provided with 2-dimensional coordinates
*_3D.sdf: compound structures provided with 3-dimensional coordinates computed with Vconf (-m prep)
* _terse_: Each Compound appears once, with multiple Target data for it in the data blocks