Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  Fluorescence Polarization Assay
Description:  eIF4E protein was pre-incubated with EDA-m7GDP-ATTO-550 in FPB at 2xconcentrations for 5 minutes prior to the addition of compounds. Compounds (100x) were prepared using 3-fold serial dilutions in 100% DMSO, and subsequently diluted 1:50 in FPB to produce 2x stocks. 50 ul of 2x eIF4E/EDA-m7GDP-ATTO-550 were transferred to the wells of a 96-well half-area black flat bottom polystyrene plate. 50 ul of 2x test compound were added, and binding reactions were allowed to equilibrate for 30 minutes at room temperature while protected from light. The fluorescent polarization signal was detected using a Victor 2 multi-label counter (Perkin Elmer) and the concentration necessary to achieve inhibition of eIF4E/EDA-m7GDP-ATTO-550 binding by 50% (IC50) was calculated using data from an 8-point compound dilution series.
Affinity data for this assay

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