Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  Caliper Assay
Description:  Selected compounds disclosed herein were tested in CDK4/cyclinD1, CDK2/CycA and CDK2/cyclinE kinase assays by Nanosyn (Santa Clara, Calif.) to determine their inhibitory effect on these CDKs. The assays were performed using microfluidic kinase detection technology (Caliper Assay Platform). The compounds were tested in 12-point dose-response format in singlicate at Km for ATP. Phosphoacceptor substrate peptide concentration used was 1 μM for all assays and Staurosporine was used as the reference compound for all assays. Specifics of each assay are as described below:CDK2/CyclinA: Enzyme concentration: 0.2 nM; ATP concentration: 50 μM; Incubation time: 3 hr.CDK2/CyclinE: Enzyme concentration: 0.28 nM; ATP concentration: 100 μM; Incubation time: 1 hr.CDK4/CyclinD1: Enzyme concentration: 1 nM; ATP concentration: 200 μM; Incubation time: 10 hr.
Affinity data for this assay

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