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Assay Name:  GPR120 pERK AlphaScreen SureFire Assay
Description:  The human and mouse GPR120-mediated intracellular phosphorylated ERK assays were also established using CHO-K1 cells stably transfected with the short form of human or mouse GPR120 receptor. Cells were cultured in growth medium consisting of F-12 media (Invitrogen Cat. #11765) with 5% Charcoal/Dextran FBS (Invitrogen Cat. #12676-029) and 500 μg/mL GENETICIN® (Life Technologies Cat. #10131-027). Cells were cryo preserved at a concentration of 3×106 cells/mL, in 70% F-12, 20% Charcoal/Dextran FBS and 10% DMSO, and frozen in liquid nitrogen at a low passage number.For the pERK assay, 3×106 cells/mL cryopreserved human and mouse cells were thawed rapidly in a 37° C. water bath and added to a T-225 flask containing 50 mL growth medium. The flasks were placed in a tissue culture incubator overnight (37° C., 5% CO2). The next day, cells were harvested with trypsin (Gibco Cat. #25300-054), resuspended in serum-containing growth medium and counted using a Cellometer and volume adjusted to a concentration of 0.5×106 cells/mL. Cells were plated into 384-well clear bottom tissue culture plates (BD Cat. #353962) at 50 μL/well, for a density of 25,000 cells/well using a MULTIDROP® and incubated for 16-18 hours (overnight) at 37° C. with 5% CO2. The next day, cells were washed once with 50 μL of PBS without Ca++/Mg++ (Gibco Cat. #14190-036) and serum starved in 25 μL of F-12 media without any serum or antibiotics for 2 hours at 37° C.
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