Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  FLIPR Assay
Description:  In vitro assays were performed in a recombinant cell line expressing cDNA encoding the alpha subunit (Nav1.7, SCN9a, PN1, NE) of human Nav1.7 (Accession No. NM_002977). The cell line was provided by investigators at Yale University (Cummins et al, J. Neurosci. 18(23): 9607-9619 (1998)). For dominant selection of the Nav1.7-expressing clones, the expression plasmid co-expressed the neomycin resistance gene. The cell line was constructed in the human embryonic kidney cell line, HEK293, under the influence of the CMV major late promoter, and stable clones were selected using limiting dilution cloning and antibiotic selection using the neomycin analogue, G418. Recombinant beta and gamma subunits were not introduced into this cell line. Additional cell lines expressing recombinant Nav1.7 cloned from other species can also be used, alone or in combination with various beta subunits, gamma subunits or chaperones
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