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Assay Name:  Fluorescent Polarization Homogeneous Dose Response HTS to Indentify Inhibitors of Mex-5 Binding to TCR-2
Description:  Broad Institute: MLPCN maternal gene expression Project ID: 2024 Keywords: Zinc finger, C. elegans, maternal gene expression, RNA-protein interaction, gene regulation, MEX-5, POS-1, embryonic development Primary Collaborators: Sean Ryder, U. Mass Medical School, Project Overview: In most organisms, the body axes and founding tissue types are formed prior to the onset of zygotic transcription. Thus, post-transcriptional regulation of maternal transcripts by maternally supplied RNA-binding proteins is crucial to early patterning events. Few tools exist to study specific regulatory networks guided by RNA-binding proteins during early development. Importantly, standard genetic analyses are complicated by the maternal effect, pleiotropy, and embryonic lethality. This screen aims to identify small molecule inhibitors of RNA-binding protein function for two proteins required for Caenorhabditis elegans early development. The rationale was two fold. First, inhib
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