Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  Activation Assay
Description:  As an expression vector, a chimera in which DNA binding domain of Gal4, which is a yeast transcription factor, and ligand binding domain of human PPARγ2 are fused, i.e., a fused product between the amino acids 1 to 147 of Gal4 transcription factor and the amino acids 182 to 505 of human PPARγ2, was used. Furthermore, as a reporter vector, a firefly luciferase containing five copies of Gal4 recognition sequence in the promoter region was used. Plasmid transfection to the cells was performed according to a method which uses jetPEI (trade name, manufactured by Funakoshi Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan). Furthermore, β-galactosidase expression vector was employed as an internal standard. After the transfection into the cells, the medium was replaced with a DMEM medium (containing 1% serum) added with the test compound, and the cells were further cultured for 16 hours. After that, the luciferase activity and β-galactosidase activity in the cell lysis solution were measured. Meanwhile, for the present test, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) was used for dissolution and dilution of the test compounds, and during the cell treatment, the DMSO concentration in DMEM medium (containing 1% serum) was adjusted to 0.1%. As a positive compound, rosiglitazone (trade name, manufactured by ALEXIS Corporation, Switzerland) was used.
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