Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  ELISA-Based Assay
Description:  Stable neomycin phosphotransferase encoding replicons-harboring cell lines were used, so all cell lines were maintained under G418 selection prior to the assay. Potency was deteremined using a cell ELISA assay with an antibody to the replicons encoded NS3/4a protease. See Caterina Trozzi et al., In Vitro Selection and Characterization of Hepatitis C Virus Serine Protease Variants Resistant to an Active-Site Peptide Inhibitor, 77(6) J. Virol. 3669 (2003). To initiate an assay, replicon cells were plated in the presence of a dilution series of test compound in the absence of G418. Typically, the assays were performed in a 96-well plate formate for manual operation, or a 384-well plate format for automated assay. Replicon cells and compound were incubated for 96 hours. At the end of the assay, cells were washed free of media and compound, and the cells were then lysed. RNA was quantified indirectly through detection of replicon-encoded NS3/4A protein levels, through an ELISA-based assay with an antibody specific for NS3/4A.
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