Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  Anti-HIV Cytoprotection Assay
Description:  The in vitro antiviral activity profile for CMX157 was evaluated for cell-type effects and HIV strain effects. It is active against all major subtypes of HIV-1 in PBMCs with EC50 values ranging between 0.20 and 7.18 nanomolar (nM). In a PHENOSENSE¿ assay, EC50s for CMX157 ranged from 0.66 nM for 74V/184V to 57 nM for 62V/69SVG/75I/215I; corresponding EC50s for tenofovir were 227 nM and 16,959 nM respectively (see FIG. 3). CMX157 IC50s for 41L/210W/215Y averaged 6.3 nM without 184V and 2.2 nM with 184V (2,240 and 770 nM for tenofovir respectively).
Affinity data for this assay

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