Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  HumanCHIT1 Activity Assay
Description:  An enzymatic assay with recombinant human CHIT1 was used in order to establish inhibitory activity of the compounds (Boot et al., 2001, JBC: 276). The assay was run in the 96-well plate format, each reaction in the total volume of 100 μL. 4-methylumbelliferyl β-D-N,N′,N″-triacetylchitotriose was used as a substrate for the enzyme. Upon hydrolysis by CHIT1, the substrate releases 4-methylumbelliferyl (4MU) that, when ionized in basic pH, emits fluorescence at 460 nm.Briefly, 40 μL of a substrate was added to each well, followed by 10 μL of compound dilution and 50 μL of CHIT1 recombinant enzyme solution. The reaction was carried out in citrate buffer, pH 5.2, in the dark, at 37 C. for 60 minutes with shaking. After that time the reaction was stopped by adding 195 μL of Stop Solution (pH 10.5) to each well. The fluorescence of the reaction product was measured in Perkin Elmer Envision fluorescent plate reader at an excitation wavelength of 355 nm.
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