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Assay Name:  Enzyme Inhibition Assay
Description:  Method 2: This method follows the same steps as Method 1 above, but utilises a shorter period of mixing of the test compound (105 minutes instead of 2 hours) with the GSK3-α protein. In addition, the concentrations of test compound employed are either 10 ug/mL, 1 ug/mL, 0.1 ug/mL, or 0.01 ug/mL. Method 1: The inhibitory activities of compounds of the invention against the GSK 3α enzyme isoform (Invitrogen), are evaluated by determining the level of activation I phosphorylation of the target peptide. The GSK3-α protein (500 ng/mL, 2.5 uL) is mixed with the test compound (2.5 uL at either 4 ug/mL, 0.4 ug/mL, 0.04 ug/mL, or 0.004 ug/mL) for 2 hr at RT. The FRET peptide (8 uM, 2.5 uL), which is a phosphorylation target for GSK3α, and ATP (40 uM, 2.5 uL) are then added to the enzyme\compound mixture and the resulting mixture incubated for 1 hr. Development reagent (protease, 5 uL) is added for 1 hr prior to detection in a fluorescence microplate reader (Varioskan Flash, ThermoFisher Scientific).
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