Assay Method Information

Assay Name:  Oxytocin Receptor Antagonist Assay
Description:  This assay was performed in CHEM-1 cells expressing the human Oxytocin Receptor (hOTR) to determine the inhibitory effect of the compounds of the invention on the human Oxytocin receptor. Oxytocin evokes an increase in intracellular calcium in CHEM-1-hOTR cells which is measured in a fluorescence assay on the FLIPRTETRA using calcium sensitive dyes. Test compounds were assessed for their ability to affect the magnitude of the response to oxytocin, with antagonists showing a concentration-dependent reduction in the oxytocin-mediated fluorescence. Compounds displaying potency at the vasopressin V1a receptor of <100 nM were progressed to selectivity testing against hOTR and were tested in triplicate in a 10-point, 1:3 dilution series starting at a nominal concentration of 3 μM in the assay.CHEM-1-hOTR ready was used to assay frozen cells (Eurofins #HTS090RTA) which are supplied with a proprietary Media Component.
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