BDBM33247 benzenecarboximidamide, 1

SMILES NC(=N)c1cccc(NC(=O)Nc2cccc(c2)C(N)=N)c1


Data  2 IC50  1 Kd

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TargetNonstructural protein 3(Zika virus)
University Of Patras

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LigandPNGBDBM33247(benzenecarboximidamide, 1)
Affinity DataIC50:  4.76E+4nMAssay Description:Inhibition of N-terminal linked Zika virus NS2B (45 to 96 residues) - NS3 (1 to 177 residues) protease domain expressed in Escherichia coli Bl21(DE3)...More data for this Ligand-Target Pair
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