The first public molecular recognition database, BindingDB supports research, education and practice in drug discovery, pharmacology and related fields.

BindingDB contains 2.7M data for 1.2M Compounds and 9.0K Targets. Of those, 1,225K data for 566K Compounds and 4.4K Targets were curated by BindingDB curators. BindingDB is a FAIRsharing resource.

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Recently Added Targets

    1. Mitofusin-2, Human, O95140 (Curated 03/05/23), MFN2: 2 subμM ligands
    2. Flavin reductase (NADPH), Human, P30043 (Curated 03/05/23), BLVRB: 4 subμM ligands
    3. Biotinidase, Human, P43251 (Curated 03/07/23), BTD: 1 subμM ligands
    4. Prolactin-releasing peptide, Human, P81277 (Curated 03/06/23), PRLH: 1 subμM ligands
    5. Beclin-1, Human, Q14457 (Curated 03/07/23), BECN1: 5 subμM ligands
    6. Bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase, Trypanosoma brucei brucei, Q27783 (Curated 02/16/23), : 11 subμM ligands
    7. Vanin 1, Rat, Q4KLZ0 (Curated 03/07/23), Vnn1: 1 subμM ligands
    8. Leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2, Mouse, Q5S006 (Curated 03/06/23), Lrrk2: 2 subμM ligands
    9. Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate 5-phosphatase 2, Mouse, Q6P549 (Curated 03/07/23), Inppl1: 1 subμM ligands
    10. Cyclic GMP-AMP synthase, Mouse, Q8C6L5 (Curated 03/06/23), Cgas: 2 subμM ligands
    11. Presequence protease, mitochondrial, Mouse, Q8K411 (Curated 01/21/23), Pitrm1: 1 subμM ligands
    12. Fibroblast activation protein, Rat, Q8R492 (Curated 01/21/23), Fap: 1 subμM ligands
    13. Neuropeptide FF receptor 2, Mouse, Q924H0 (Curated 03/06/23), Npffr2: 2 subμM ligands
    14. C-type lectin domain family 4 member M, Human, Q9H2X3 (Curated 03/05/23), CLEC4M: 5 subμM ligands
    15. Sal-like protein 4, Human, Q9UJQ4 (Curated 02/17/23), SALL4: 11 subμM ligands
    16. Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group E member 1, Human, Q9Y466 (Curated 03/06/23), NR2E1: 3 subμM ligands
    17. Sulfide:quinone oxidoreductase, mitochondrial, Human, Q9Y6N5 (Curated 03/04/23), SQOR: 23 subμM ligands
    18. Pantetheinase, Mouse, Q9Z0K8 (Curated 03/07/23), Vnn1: 5 subμM ligands

Coronavirus Binding Data

BindingDB has accelerated collection of COVID related data. You can find the result here.

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BindingDB Data Curation

BindingDB curates US Patents. We have scanned patents back to 2013 for suitable data and are currently up to date as of mid-2020. However, we cannot be sure of capturing all relevant patents, so if you know of a useful one we have missed, please let us know and we will try to curate it. As of March 11, 2023, BindingDB's patent dataset comprises:

  1. Patents: 6,303
  2. Binding measurements: 972,552
  3. Compounds: 469,551
  4. Target proteins: 2,453
  5. Assays: 9,084
  6. Average Number of Targets per Patent: 1.91

BindingDB curates a set of journals not covered by other public databases. As of March 11, 2023, the status of this curation effort is as follows:

BindingDB is supported by NIH's National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM070064), and is located at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of California San Diego